Wednesday, 25 March 2015

[Review] Maskhouse UK

Hello lovelies! Today we are back with a review of a brand new Korean Cosmetics store opened right here on our doorstep in Newcastle! Super excited to be able to buy our favourite goodies right around the corner, and today we can share with you some pictures from the store.

The store is called 'Mask House,' based in Eldon Square. They also have an online store and a Facebook page. Lollidoll first discovered them when she got a 10% off voucher, so we went to check them out one lunch time.

The store itself is very well stocked, and they have a wide variety of products from Korean brands such as Etude House. They stock lipsticks, lip balms, BB Creams, Eyeliners, Nail varnishes, face masks etc, so a full range of skincare and make-up.

Everything is nicely laid out and categorised, similar types of products are grouped together and mostly all of the products have testers, which is really nice.

I especially loved the lip balms that looked like Macarons and the Etude House blushers all arranged in a cute cake stand! You can test out everything here! I bought one of the blushers myself. 

These eyeliners were adorable! Another thing to note is that I found everything to be reasonable price, there wasn't a huge mark-up, and obviously you don't have to pay the cost of shipping or customs, so there is a huge advantage for me there. 

Here you can see all the skincare products, they had some facial washes, various lotions that do different things such as anti-wrinkle or for different skin types. All neatly laid out and the bottles were out of their boxes so you can see what the product looks like inside the box. They had a range of well known things and some brands that I didn't know, so I'm interested to try them! 

With our discount we also got some free facemasks, and I also bought a few! The had many different types and again, reasonably priced. They seemed to range between 80p - £2 so comparable to the high street. 

All the lip glosses, lipsticks and balms were in a cabinet :) So cute! I love the pencil one, the packaging was super cute. 

All in all, this shop is amazing and I'll definitely be back. Saying goodbye to my money as usual~ But it's so much easier to be able to test the products instead of ordering online, especially when it comes to choosing the right colours.

If you are Newcastle based or have the chance to visit then check it out <3


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  1. ahh woww!! I'm so jealous of newcastle right now! I down in the midlands D: the eyeliners are so cute~
    Amy x