Sunday, 8 March 2015

[Haul] Majikkon Haul

Hey there Pastel Dolls!~

Me and Lollidoll will be sharing our Majikkon haul with you. Majikkon was an event on the 7th March at Huddersfield University, specialising in anime, manga, fashion, art and jpop/kpop music!

We bought a lot of cute items, so we'll be sharing pics and links to where you can get your hands on them yourselves!

Misadoll's Haul

The first stall I noticed was Twinkle Kitty Boutique, a super cute accessory shop that had a range of Lolita, Pastel Goth and Fairy Kei style items. I was dressed pastel gothy at Majikkon so wanted to buy some cute pastel accessories to match my co-ord! I bought 4 rings, 2 pink ones, a purple and a mint one, and a necklace. The had quite a large range of styles and colours to choose from, the same with the necklaces. The items seem good quality and durable, they were well priced as well. I think the necklace was maybe £7? Not quite sure. The rings were 2 for £1.50!

I feel like  they matched my co-ord well and I was happy with my purchase <3 The shop girls looked great and were really sweet and friendly as well! 

The semi-transparent heart ring is probably my favourite, it's glittery too! What more could you want. <3 
Next up, I bought a polaroid with Kelsey Ellison! She was really sweet, and the picture was only £3. I think it's good to support artists so I didn't mind! Her performance was great, she sang Pom Pom, a couple of covers I think, and her new song! She also danced to Skrillex/CL/G-Dragon - Dirty Vibe which is one of my favourite songs at the moment so I was surprised/happy to hear it! 

And then - more Pastel Goth! I bought some art by Brogan Coral - amazing work. I bought a miniprint which was only a £1 which is really great value for something so beautiful. She also had some sparkly artwork which was awesome and something different to what I usually see! It really suited her style too. 

Finally, I bought a t-shirt from Fugu Jam! I'm not sure if they are new - I've seen Kinkuya Kanzashi before so I think they started doing t-shirts as well. I really love them because they have products that fall on the traditional side of Japan, and their items make me want to go back to Japan so much. I bought a hairclip from Kinkuya Kanzashi at Sunnycon too <3 The t-shirt I bought is pink, and it has Harajuku station on with the previous and next station printed on. It just reminded me so much of Japan and being there, seeing the subway/train line signs, I don't know I just liked it. There was a deal, 2 for £25 so me and Celestia Doll split and bought 1 each. 

And that's all from me! <3 Let's see what Lollidoll bought~ 

Lollidoll's Haul

Hey everyone! After setting up we went for a stroll around the convention to see all of the wonderful stalls, where I spotted Wonder Box! The seller Michaela was so sweet, and looked amazing! They had a gorgeous range of accessories! Hair clips, bows, jewellery and.... flower crowns!

The moment I saw this I knew I had to have it; I love big statement hair accessories and this fits my style perfectly <3 It cost £17, which I think is great given the quality of the piece. It's put together very well and is so sturdy it survived a train journey being banged around in my suitcase! I really can't wait to put together an outfit with this. Thank you Wonder Box! :D

Later on in the day we saw that Maids of England had a stall selling all sorts of cool stuff! They had cute dust masks, boxes of Popin' Cookin', some hair accessories and clothes too! I bought some Popin' Cookin' as it's SO FUN to make! I've tried the "Doughnuts" before with my friends, it's amazing to see the weird powder turning into cute food! At £5 the price was great too, normally these are more expensive AND you have to pay shipping fees, so overall I'm super happy. I promise I will post pictures of how it turns out!

I also bought this super cute T-shirt! I love anything Sailor Moon or Mahou Shoujo so this is really fitting with my every day style. (I do apologize for the cruddy picture, my room is a bombsite...) It's really nice quality, it's a nice light material that'll be perfect for summer. It cost around £20, which again, is a really good deal!

Next up, I bought some amazing Kanzashi from Kinkuya Kanzashi. These are so so pretty. The level of quality is amazing, they're so well made. They had loads of different colours and styles to choose from, and the owner was so nice! In the end I chose some matching clips; the larger clip was £12 and the smaller one was £5. I think this would normally be a lot to pay for hair clips, but these are so beautiful it's absolutely worth the money. <3

After Misadoll bought her polaroid with the lovely Kelsey Ellison we went back so I could get one too! She was really nice! Her performance was really cool as well, such amazing dancing! *_* Thank you Kelsey! 

And last, but definitely not least... Brogan Coral! I've been looking for some artwork to cover my bare walls, and these are sooo beautiful! You can sort of see in the image how these sparkle when you look at it from different angles! How cute! The large A4 sized piece was £5, and the smaller bookmark piece was £2. So cheap! I love them so much, <3

Thank you everyone! Hope you enjoyed our haul <3

Lollidoll & Misadoll

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  1. You got such an amazing hual~ I'm so envious sicne everything was so cute! <3