Saturday, 3 January 2015

[Review] Reinbo Neko Statement Necklace

♥ Product Swap Post ♥

Hello there Pastel Dolls! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year <3 

Since this is our first 'Product Swap Post' then I'll explain what that means! We did a swap with Reinbo Neko as we thought our products would match each other nicely! 

Today, we are reviewing the Statement Necklace from Reinbo Neko! This one looks like a cute little kitty cat in rainbow form!

Reinbo Neko is a brightly-coloured fashion store that seems to draw inspiration from alt fashions like Cyber and also some Japanese fashions such as Decora. It is run by artist and model Tia Sakura. Her style is super unique and she has a range of products on her website, including drippy horns, statement necklaces and fashion rings!

The necklace we received was the main logo necklace, and it's absolutely gorgeous!

The necklace arrived in a bright blue metallic packaging, and inside that was a paper bag with the Reinbo Neko branding. We also got a couple of business cards with links to social networks and the like.

The necklace was bigger than I thought which was a nice surprise as I figured it would look great in photos especially with bright outfits. The quality is excellent - the front panel looks like a printed plastic and it's mounted on to a glitter backing which looks so pretty! The necklace chain is a brushed rainbow colour which matches the necklace logo. On the end of the chain, is a little heart charm and a clasp to lock the chain in place. The chain size is adjustable so you can wear it in different ways. 

There is a range of these necklaces available on the site, and more to come according to the Reinbo Neko facebook page

 Overall, super happy with the product and you should definitely check them out! They have their Jan sale on at the moment so check out the Facebook page for details.


Misadoll x