Friday, 12 December 2014

[Review] Dreamy Bows - Bandai Sailor Moon Compacts

Hello everyone!

So I went on a bit of a spending spree due to the Black Friday sales (don't have it in England but some of the online stores I buy from have it!) Dreamy Bows just started stocking the limited edition Sailor Moon products, and to be honest I just had to have the compact set! Such a cute set of designs!

Dreamy Bows is the UK stockist for some of the Japanese Sailor Moon products, so I ordered through their website on the day of release.


Their website is very cute! It was easy to find the Sailor Moon products as they were on the front page, but their site wasn't very mobile-friendly at this point! I managed to navigate through anyway though! I like the 'Style Focus' section of their website, and they have a huge range of Japanese goods, I want to buy them all. I never needed to deal with their customer service, but I find out about their products through Facebook a lot so you might want to check that out to find out about new things in stock as they update more there.


They offer a couple of different types of shipping, I picked a cheaper one and it ended up arriving within a few days, so it was quite reasonable.

The product came in a box, and inside there was a leaflet for Dreamy Bows. There was like a waterproof bag, with a cute face on it to protect the product. There was also some bubble wrap inside :)


I bought the Sailor Moon compact set, which includes 5 different compacts. Inside, there is a small mirror, a hinged divider and a space to put a set of makeup or something in there. They were fairly limited and are currently out of stock on Dreamy Bows, but if you want to see them they are here:

The compacts came in this cute Sailor Moon themed box and inside, there is a plastic tray containing each of the compacts. The box is so cute that I want to keep it as well and as a way to store the compacts... I'm a hoarder, lol. But I really like the design!

They are so cute! Although, I have to admit, the quality is not as great as I was expecting. The hinges are a bright yellow instead of gold, which I don't think matches as well as gold would. Of course, they are still nice, but instead of a make-up compact I would suggest they are more for fun or a kid's toy type accessory. I remember getting this kind of stuff when I was a kid. Nontheless, the designs are still adorable and they are very usable. I would assume that the make-up compact they had on the website as well is of a better quality since it's a lot more pricey. 

Since these were around £23, I think it's not bad for 5 of them and I did expect them to cost a fair bit more than Dreamy Bows sold them for.

Let's take a look inside the compact!

As you can see, the compact has a small mirror, and a hinge with a cute design on it. Underneathe, I guess you could store one makeup product, like an eyeshadow, a blusher or something of that kind. The circular designs have bigger mirrors, the non-circular designs have smaller ones that aren't really usable. If you actually wanted to use it and didn't just want it because it's so damn cute, I'd recommend using the ones with the larger mirrors. 

And finally, here is a close-up of all 5 different designs!

I'm not really sure which is my favourite, but I really like the heart shaped one with wings <3 

Price/Value for Money

As mentioned, it cost £23 and a few quid for p+p, so overall I'd say these items are probably worth around that, but I wouldn't have wanted to pay much more!

Overall, I give Dreamy Bows 4/5 - more mobile-friendly website would be helpful!

And for the product, again I'd say 4/5, since the quality could be a little better but they are still adorable and good value for money.

Hope this helps,

Misadoll xxx 

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