Monday, 3 March 2014

[Feature] ☆ Music Mondays ☆ 4minute

Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well. So we are a few days late on our Music Monday feature - sorry guys! We have some exciting stuff in the pipeline so hopefully it'll be worth it!~

Today I'm back with a Music Monday post, this time it's about kick-ass Korean girl band, 4minute. You might be familiar with at least one member of 4minute, due to the massive success of PSY's Gangnam Style. Featured in that track is HyunA, who is part of 4minute as their rapper.

4minute are very popular in Korea and are known for their catchy tunes and attitude. Their first single, 'Hot Issue' is a great track and one I've listened to on repeat many times!

They have a recognizable sound, and each vocalist as a distinguishable voice. I think their ability to be innovative with their music and have a variety of sounds means that they stand out from other korean girl bands. I think their 'rap' element is what makes them a little more unique than the usual. They also have great choreography and each of the dances are very memorable. They are part of Cube Entertainments label, who also sign BEAST, a popular Korean boy band.

If you like Kpop with attitude, 4minute is definitely a good choice for you!

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