Friday, 3 January 2014

[Review] SheInside Review


Hello everyone! Today I have a review of Unfortunately, we never received our items so we can only review the service from SheInside today.

Website and Ordering

I ordered from SheInside on the 18th November 2013, having seen a lot of other bloggers use them before I thought they seemed like a place to get cute items from at a decent price. They have a huge product range and often have a lot of the latest trends on there. Since researching SheInside, I've noticed that they do have some replicas and counterfeit goods which I didn't realise prior to buying, so it may be a good idea to do some research on those items prior to purchase.

Their website is fairly simple and easy to navigate with a lot of options, the top bar has the categories that you can easily navigate through.

When buying items, they offer a discount if you share your purchases on Facebook.

They have a lot of information available on the shipping and an FAQ, although some of the information on the website hasn't been translated correctly which looks a little bit unprofessional.

Q : Is your cloth dressed nice?
A:Yes they are fashion and cool .
Hm, indeed.

Shipping and Customer Service

We paid for the standard shipping from SheInside, and 30+ days went by and we still hadn't received our order. The tracking wasn't displaying on the MyOrders section of the website, so I started to get worried about where our package was. I contacted their customer service and they were very quick to respond. They provided me with a tracking number, so I went to the Royal Mail Website they provided to check the status of the order. There was no information to be found on the tracking number and there was a section suggesting that the item had not yet reached the courier (aka, 30+ days later SheInside had still not given the item to the courier.) I felt that was an unacceptable time to wait, and I was concerned that the package had not been scanned anywhere yet.

I contacted their customer service again, stating that the package could not be tracked, and I opened a PayPal case as I didn't want to leave it too long (there is a time limit on when you can open a case.) I normally do this just in case, and if a resolution is met then it's easy enough to close the case with no further penalty.

SheInside emailed me back stating me back a couple of times stating that they would give me a full refund or reship my order if it was proven that my package was actually lost, and they stated they would contact the shipping company to find out whether or not my package was actually lost. I got multiple emails from them with similar sorts of information on them - I think the reason for this was that one was responding directly to my email, and another person was responding to the PayPal dispute I'd opened.

I gave it a couple of days and the tracking number still wasn't providing any results. I emailed SheInside back stating I wanted a full refund rather than a re-ship as I'd just have to wait twice as long again and I was fed up of waiting for the items that I'd bought ages ago. After that, I escalated the PayPal dispute for a claim. When you do that, PayPal asks the seller for feedback on the situation. If they don't provide any, then the PayPal automatically rule in your favour and refund you the money.

In this case, that's what happened. SheInside were meant to respond by the 31st December, and since they didn't, PayPal ruled the case in my favour, so in the end I got a full refund. I'm glad SheInside didn't dispute the case as it meant the case was resolved quickly and I got my money back.

All in all, it was a bit irksome to wait this long for a resolution and I'm sad that we never received the items we paid for, but their customer service were on the ball and were trying to offer me various options, and in the end I wasn't out of pocket.


I'd still probably give SheInside a 1 out of 5, because you really should receive the order you paid for, but at least I got a refund. I wouldn't personally recommend risking it though.


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