Sunday, 19 January 2014

[Review] AlicexAlice Review

Hey! Misadoll here, I'm back with a review for a Thai brand, AlicexAlice.

I was looking for a sheer black overdress, one that was cute and good quality, and I happened upon AlicexAlice when a friend liked their post on facebook. Their promotional images looked really neat so I decided to message them on facebook. They were really friendly, and the price was reasonable so I decided to buy it.

Oh kitty collection by Alice X Alice 2013


Shipping was really reasonable and they gave me three different shipping options. I picked the middle one, because it would arrive a bit more quickly.

£4 (30 - 60 business days)
£6 (14 - 21 business days)
£18.5 (within 1 week)

I think these prices are really reasonable especially since the package is coming from Thailand, and I wasn't in a rush, so I picked the £6 shipping. The shipping also came with a tracking code so I could see exactly where my package was heading at all times. The shipping was also much faster than I thought - and it arrived in 8 days! That's really great for the price I paid, and quicker than they estimated too.

The dress came in a big box that was tied with a string, it was really nice and neat, and it looked like it would protect the product really well. It had a cute sticker where the dress was wrapped too <3

Customer Service

I added an extra section so that I could compliment them on their customer service! They were really pleasant to deal with. Also, I had a query about the size of the garment, their original sizing was listed as
Bust: 35 inches / Waist 24-30 inches / Skirt Length 18 inches, and I wanted to know if their bust would go a little bigger. So they got the item and put it on the mannequin for me to check that a bigger bust would fit, and send me the picture of the mannequin. I thought this was a cool idea! (Even though the mannequin looks funny, big boobed mannequin 0_0) haha. But it was helpful to see how it'd fit on me.


The dress itself is really lovely, when I got it out of the box I was really pleased! The fabric is sheer, and it's such a lovely soft fabric, I think it go well with many things. It's stretchy so I'd imagine it fits a variety of sizes, (if you aren't sure, ask them and they'll probably check it on the mannequin!) It's extremely well made, with perfect stitching and gathering at the waist.

I was so pleased to receive such a lovely item, and it wasn't even that expensive. It came to about £18. It can be worn with or without a petti, normally I put a petti under mine because it looks more Loli-esque, but for a more casual look you could wear leggings or another skirt under it instead.

I wore it to the Alternative Model of The Year Competition in Newcastle! Overall, it's a really versatile dress and I'd recommend it for someone who wants to wear a loli-esque look casually. <3

Price/Value For Money

The price for this dress in total was £24.60 including shipping. This is the best value for money ever! I love it so much! I'm quite picky when it comes to dresses. I will buy them, try them on, and never be totally sure whether I like them or not, but when I put this on I was really happy. <3 It's so flattering too! I'm going to keep an eye on AlicexAlice and buy all their other things too.


There was a cute extra in the box! I love extras, it's the little things that make it feel special when you order an item. It was a little dress-up game postcard, such a cute idea!


I feel like I'm fangirling now, but I think this is an example of how a company should work. They were nice to deal with, they had a variety of shipping options that arrived quickly, the product pictures were clear, and the dress is lovely. Overall I give AlicexAlice a 5 out of 5! 

Misadoll xxx

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