Tuesday, 29 July 2014

[Events] Hyper Japan 2014

Hey everyone! Misadoll here!

This weekend has been super crazy, as Pastel Doll attended Hyper Japan! The event is a huge Japanese culture event based in Earls' Court, London, which introduces all facets of Japanese culture to the masses. There is a lot of pop-culture based stores selling anime, manga, and fashion, but as well as this there are cultural stores which sell traditional Japanese goods and foods.

We had our Pastel Doll stall in the Fringe Market and had an opportunity to meet a lot of new people! We were busy all weekend with lots of customers and we had the most amazing time. :)

We arrived in London on Thursday, ready for setup on Friday evening. When we got there, the convention space was really huge so I was impressed! I went to Hyper Japan in 2010 and it seemed like a much smaller event, so it was cool to see how popular Japanese culture had become. 

Day 1 was the slowest day but I'm assuming that is because it's a week day, but regardless we still had a lot of interest in the stall and people wanting to try on wigs!~ It was really nice because the venue was very spaced out, which gave us room to let people see our stock properly without being crammed in. 

Unfortunately like an idiot, I lost my dealer pass and they made me pay for another one so I was upset at myself for that! I never did find what happened to it in the end. 

We were opposite the stage which showed a lot of martial arts, which was really interesting! 

I went with a simple and comfortable co-ord for Friday, with the transparent seifuku from Pixie Bunny and underneath it is a cute lavender skirt from AlicexAlice, two of my favourite brands rolled into one <3 As well as this I'm wearing Pastel Doll's Poisonberry wig, it's really easy to co-ord with a lot of my stuff because of the white/pink/purple combo which is good! Pixie Late was super sweet and took some pictures of my co-ord - I had to buy some bunny ears from her, too cute. 

I had a look around, spent some time at the Nintendo booth and got to chat with an old friend who I hadn't seen in ages! <3 By the end my feet were really aching already, the venue is so hugeeeee. 

Day 2 was really busy - lots more people this time. And they had a split day system to avoid queues, I was a bit skeptical of it but it seemed to work? It's hard to know from a customers perspective since dealers are allowed in the venue before opening/closing but there wasn't a mass cramming of people like I'd seen in previous years. 

Lots of people came to the stall and took pictures which was so kind of them! 

I also saw this really cool band called One Not'e, they were like a visual kei band *-* (and really cute...) I got some pictures with them on the last day \m/ But not the drummer ;-; There was a lot of entertainment on, including Kelsey Ellison and Broken Doll which were really fun! I could see them on the Fringe stage. 

So that was super fun *-* And on Saturday I bought quite a lot of stuff, I can't help it. Dreamy Bows were there and they are amazing, so I had to buy some really cute Lolita-style shows from them. Goodbye money~ 

Day 2's co-ord was AlicexAlice again because I love them, this time it's the fairy seifuku set! The lady from Hyper Japan took a photo of me for the photobook so I was really excited! 

This was actually really comfortable even though it was warm, the fabric is breathable so it was nice. Had lots of fun, and also got to meet Alexa Poletti! <3 I follow all her stuff so it was amazing to meet her! 

We had some pictures with her and Pixie, their Frozen cosplays were really great *-*

Look how adorable they are! There were a ton of great cosplayers to be fair, clearly people put a lot of effort into the things they were going to wear. Not just that, but some really great fashion co-ords too! 

My final co-ord for Day 3 was AlicexAlice dolly marine - I had my natural hair on Sunday because of the heat I flaked out of wearing a wig!

I love this dress so much, I bought a little blue hat with ears to go with it *-* So I hope they look cute together. Sunday was by far the busiest day for us, didn't get a chance to eat! But I'm not complaining, so happy we had many customers that day and people wanting to try on the wigs. It is unusual for Sunday to be the busiest day, but I assume a lot of people saw the hype from the previous days and wanted to come down. 

All in all I had an amazing time at Hyper Japan, meeting a bunch of lovely people and seeing all our customers! Hope you guys enjoyed too!

Misadoll xxx 


  1. Really sad I didn't get to Hyper Japan as it looks amazing! I really love your skirt from the first outfit :) glad you had a good time~!

  2. Every time I went to visit your stall on Saturday you were always busy- sadly for me but hopefully I'll get to see your stall again soon~

    It looks like you had lots of fun at least, and your outfits were lovely! <3