Thursday, 10 April 2014

[Events] Kitacon 2014

Hey everyone! Yeahhh ridiculous Hello Kitty glasses~ I'm sorry this post is full of selfies (✖╭╮✖)

Hope you're well~ Today I'm gonna write a little about Kitacon, since I've finally recovered from the crazy weekend! Kitacon is an anime convention based in Birmingham, and I've attended 3 of them now - they are always great and it's my main convention so I usually put a lot of time into preparing for it!

Me and my friend Risa bought VIP tickets because the benefits seemed good, especially the queue skipping! I'm lazy so this worked well, and it meant we had more time between events. We took far too much stuff with us... so many bags. This isn't even all of them. Too heavy ☆ ̄(>。☆)

We went down to Kita on the Thursday, normally I go down on Friday but I think it was a good choice as it meant we could unpack and also had a chance to check out some of Birmingham in the evening. Birmingham was really cool actually, I found everyone was really friendly and willing to help us out when we got lost.

They had some really nice buildings, so I took some pictures! We went to some bars and had a couple of drinks in Birmingham to start off the convention.

The first day of the con, we collected our con bags in the morning so we could get into all the events, the Kitav VIP pack was really neat, it came with a bunch of Kita merch, a special VIP bag/tshirt/poster etc. We decided to do a super easy seifuku cosplay because we wanted to match and wanted to be comfy for the first day <3 Both of them are from Bodyline~ We wore them on Thursday and Friday!

This is me and my friend Risa, I love her hat in this picture and I really wanted it~ (♥ω♥ ) ~♪  I decided to wear super simple makeup that day because I was being kinda lazy.

After registration, we went to the opening ceremony which was really fun~ They showed us a video from F.A.T.E which was quite hilarious and that signified the beginning of Kitacon! After that, we went to the MOE Maid School which was really informative, we learnt about the various Maid Cafes in Japan as well as butler cafes. We learnt about the different type of uniforms they wear - some girls have different uniforms depending on their experience as a Maid. We were also taught some basic dance moves and we talked about songs from each Maid Cafe. I learnt a little bit of Happy Happy Morning and we did Mune Mune Kyun which I luckily knew from my time at MOE and from Sweet Cupcake!

Both of us are Maids, yay. This is my new Maid outfit from Bodyline, I bought it because I thought it was super cute, one of the other maids at Sweet Cupcake has it and I love the sailor look <3 

We then got ready for the Jpop/Kpop party but was too late and we missed that music :/ It didn't go on long enough to be honest, there was only an hour for that so we didn't have much chance! After that though there was a really good bunch of tunes so we just danced around like crazy and had a laugh and a drink! 

I'm really not good at sticking on fake eyelashes but since I bought them I thought I better try it at some point! I don't recognise myself with lashes on~ The lashes were cheap ones from ebay but I like how they turned out in the end!

After partying, the next day we went to Build a Mecha which was really good fun, we teamed up with some other people who were really nice and build an Irish Potato Mecha with Thomas the Thank Engine wings and a whisky cannon.

So much fun *_*

After that, I visited the Maids of England cafe, I used to work with them before! They had a really sweet serving cast and a few more butlers than last time who were greeting us at the door. They had a lot of different cupcakes and the prices were really reasonable, and I felt like people approached us a lot. We had Maid Keiki who drew things on our plates and it ended up really sweet! Their performances were really great and we saw about 2-3 while we were there. Super cute~

I asked for a bunny, she did a good job! It's not easy to draw with the sauce from what I remember ^-^; 
I decided to wear Loli again but my shoes kept coming undone!

I'm wearing one of the Pastel Doll wigs <3 I love it so much, it matches everything *_* Most of what I'm wearing is Angelic Pretty, I have some bows that I bought from DreamyBows/Tofu which are chocomint and adorable! The shoes are from Bodyline, I actually bought them in Japan. This is the AP Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack which I did a review of before. I think I might buy more black items because I like the pastel colours contrasting with black :3 

After that, we ate takeaway curry and went to the rock party for a little while! Was fun but I was also super hungover -_-= So we went to sleep a little earlier than we would normally at a party, baha.

The final day was more relaxed for me and I didn't cosplay or anything, because I had my panel I was just wearing some of my Ubisoft stuff. Risa went to the Gundam Panel, I caught the very end of the Visual Novel panel and then I trolled on to the Gundam panel too. I started watching Gundam Seed because of the panel *_* More things to watch!

After that I went to prepare for my panel, thanks to Risa for helping out! I was really nervous but hopefully people found it useful, it was a game industry panel and thankfully a lot of people came and asked many questions!

Next up we went to Kita's Got Talent which is always a laugh and there was some great stuff this year! Blind Date, lots of singing, some burlesque and other things! It ran over a bit though so people were getting annoyed about that, but I still enjoyed seeing the acts!

For the final Kitacon event - it's the grand ball! Me and Risa got farrrr too drunk in our pretty dresses, haha. It was getting more and more difficult to walk around the more drunk I got... the ball was super fun although it ended a bit early and we were still itching to party. We hung around with some friends and played Cards Against Humanity! We trolled around a bit just chatting to people and it was really fun <3 I got in at like 4am and Risa didn't get back to the room until 6.30am or something, we were soooo ill the next day.

Picked the worst day to be ill, the day we are leaving! I love this picture of Risa, she looks so awesome. We are both cosplaying from Vocaloid and luckily my dress arrived in time, and also got a lovely wig from Coscraft. I buy so much stuff from there because it's always nice and always arrives so quickly.

All in all, Kita was amazing and I feel like I crammed a years worth of partying and drinking in 4 days, baha. If you have chance, you should definitely check out Kitacon!

Thanks x



  1. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! So cute :3 I really wanted to go to Kita con, but maybe next year.

    1. Aw you should definitely come along!~ Thank you *_* It is fun for all the parties and events :3

  2. Yay all the effort iput into making that black voca-dress was worth it for that one picture you are a great photographer ^_^ All I can say about kitacon is again-again and my poor bank balance ;_;

    1. Aw you look so cute <3 Thank you! ;-; I know right, so poor now... I have con fever now, let's visit all of them!