Monday, 3 February 2014

[Feature] ☆ Music Mondays ☆ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Hey there Pastel Dolls, how are you doing? Today I'm proud to announce a new feature - ☆ Music Mondays ☆ In the first Monday of the month, I'll be posting a little feature about an artist, musician or band, and admiring their music and style!

So of course, we must begin with none other than the lovely Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! She's a huge Jpop sensation, and well know for her fabulous (and unique) sense of style. What's more, she's touring the world this year and visiting London! (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ

So, where did Kyary's adventure begin? Well, she started off as a fashion blogger and a model in Harajuku. A lot of idols and singers become famous from being well known in popular fashion places such as Harajuku. Kyary's music was very unique and with the help of the stylings of 6%DokiDoki, her first music video went viral. Her music was catchy and the video was odd enough to gain attention from all over the world!

I love Kyary's style because she has an element of creepy cute involved in all of her fashion types; even her super cute stuff is so over the top it's almost a little bit scary! Kyary's look is very versatile and I feel like her style is very recognisable. It's definitely a mix of many different styles, but she puts her own spin on things a lot of the time.

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I really can't picture anyone else that would look good with a shark on their head. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Kyary has said in interviews that she really likes the creepy side of her style too.

Her music is classic Jpop - over the top, cutesy lyrics, that don't really mean much at all! She has a sweet voice, but she often doesn't sing live which can be a bit disappointing, but is sometimes common in Jpop artists. I think that Kyary is more about the stage performance, as her setup at concerts is often very fancy and she will costume change many times during one gig. Either way, I'm looking forward to her gig a lot!

I also like her because she doesn't always take herself too seriously and will pull silly faces in photos, haha! This is something I do a lot. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜  Kyary also says she takes inspiration from western artists, such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga - I can see that in her work sometimes!

Are you a fan of Kyary? What is your favourite song? Mine is にんじゃりばんばん, because it's so fun and crazy! It's got a catchy beat.

If you live in the UK, you can catch Kyary in London on the 29th April at the Shepard's Bush Empire O2 Academy. 

Hope you enjoy this feature, and let us know who we should feature next! <3

Misadoll xxx

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  1. You have to do Tomoko Kawase (February 6 X Heavenly6) next of course *-*