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[Review] Cyberdog Puff Playsuit and Wonderland Top Review

Misadoll here <3 Hope you're good! So recently, I bought a bunch of stuff from Cyberdog, they are pretty much my new favourite company for OTT cute things. I used to buy from Cyberdog A LOT back in the day but I kinda had a period of a few years where I didn't pay enough attention to their stuff. But now I'm back in love with them again and so I thought I'd do a review of my recent purchases.

How could you not love a neon pink unicorn top? They were even sweet enough to share this one on facebook&tumblr <3

Website and Ordering/In Store

So I made my purchase this time a bit of an odd way! I bought my unicorn top in store, so I just want to review the in-store stuff first. So I went to Cyberdog Manchester for the first time in years, and I was dazzled by all the amazing stuff they had to offer. Their window displays are always funky and the shop is always amazingly kitted out with loud music, UV and neon lights, I love it. It really reminds me of all the brand-themed stores in Japan, UK stores can be really boring and same-y but Cyberdog reminds me of all those crazy themed stores you get in Harajuku and Shibuya. The shop girls are all kitted out in Cyberdog stuff and have the most amazing make-up and hair - just like the girls in Japan, so it made me happy! What's more, they are really really friendly and nice, easy to chat to, and they pay enough attention to the customer without being too overbearing. (You know those shops where you go in and the clerk talks to you too much, or stares at you awkwardly... yeah, not like that!) They know a lot about the products their selling and are very helpful with the sizing options - as well as this they had a UV light on hand to show how the product would look in a club, which is mega cool. 

(c) Cyberdog Manchester Tumblr

This time, they had a sale on so I decided to put a quick comment asking how much longer the sale will be on for - waiting for payday, gah... because they had a really cute Puff Playsuit that would be perfect for the Kyary gig I just got tickets for *-* Cyberdog Manchester didn't have any instock but they asked me to drop a message to Cyberdog Brighton who had both the items in stock! Since I'm usually between a size M and L, I wasn't sure about the sizing either, so I popped them a message about that as well. They were really helpful, trying the item on and seeing what kind of sizes it would fit and sending me all the measurements - I got an L in the end and it fits fine and has plenty of room (I don't like things that are too tightly fitted) so I was really happy with the help they gave me! Then all I had to do was call up the store to pay, and they sent me they package!


Shipping was cheap at £2, and it arrived really quickly! It had the special delivery sticker on it so it was super quick, and also well wrapped with Cyberdog tape! Because they are UK based there isn't much to say about the shipping other than it was quick :)

It had an outer layer of waterproof stuff as well!


So pictured on their website is a combination of the Puff Playsuit and the Wonderland Top, both of which look really cute together, and they can also be worn with different things for mix and match. I loved the stock photo and since both were on sale, I just went for it and bought them both. As a result I'm really happy with the look! I threw together a quick picture for you (sorry it's not a finished co-ord yet!) but I love it so much, I think it'll be great to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

I feel like a magical girl <3 So the Wonderland top has a purple base, with a light semi-sheer neon pink puff sleeve. It has a cut out section around the bust which I think works really nicely with the playsuit! It works with the straps~ It has the Cyberdog logo on the back; it's one size, and I'm a size 12 and it fits really perfectly. It's fitted without being too tight, so it's comfortable. Sometimes I have a problem with armholes of one-size garments, I must have butch arms at the top, but this is perfectly comfortable. 

The colours really pop and they are super neon pink and purple! Perfect! I think it'd be really easy to mix and match the Wonderland top with a bunch of things because it's a nice cut it could go under tops/dresses or on it's own. You can also get the Wonderland top in black, and black with glitter sparkles both of which are amazing and I want to own them now, haha. 

The playsuit is just omg. It's really comfy to wear, and it has adjustable straps so you can change the sizes accordingly, which is really helpful and enables you to get a good fit. The front of the garment buttons up at the front so it's easy to get it on. It's roomy but not too much, which is nice. The quality seems to be good too, the bloomer shorts attached to it are really nicely done! It has pockets in the top of the waist, and also pockets in the shorts that are a little bigger, I haven't tried to put anything in there but it'd be good for lightweight items, anything more would probably weigh it down a little! 

So nice! Look how neat it is! <3 Also, they have a cute tag. I like cute tags, even though I'll just cut them off. (It was on sale btw, so not £40.) 

Price/Value For Money

The one thing I'd say about Cyberdog is, their items can be a little on the expensive side, but considering the quality of the items you get I am happy to pay this - especially when they are on sale!


I. LOVE. EXTRAS. And Cyberdog had a little handwritten postcard with the receipt! Little touches like this make me happy.

'Hi Sally! Thanks for your order! Enjoy being a magical girl with your new outfit! Love, the Cyberdog Brighton Girls xxx' Aww! I am enjoying it so much! Haha.

So overall, I think Cyberdog's customer service is really great, their items are cute, and the sale definitely helped! Cyberdog gets a 5 out of 5, hooray! Another good order for me <3 Thanks Cyberdog!

Misadoll xxx

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