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[Review] Sugarpill Review - Tako, Poison Plum and Paperdoll


Hello fellow Pastel Dolls! Today I have a review of the glorious Sugarpill Cosmetics - known for their bright, long-lasting eyeshadows, they are well loved in the alternative fashion communities! My recent purchase was a delicious purple and white trio that will hopefully match my green eyes.

Website and Ordering 

Sugarpill's website is very stylish and well organised - products are ordered by type down the left hand side of the store. It's easy to navigate and add items to your cart, as well as this they have great product images that show a packshot, a skin shot and a look shot - all of which is very helpful when choosing a colour. Their FAQ is pretty extensive and purchasing the items is an easy process. 

I don't like websites that are overcomplicated or have too many search fields, but I expect since Sugarpill mainly sells cosmetics alone it's a simple process to organise the products. 

They do have other sections on the website but they aren't really used - for example, the news section is pretty dead and hasn't been posted in since 2010, but this is only a minor issue as most of their new products and information is posted on the front page.


We are UK-based and the shipping was fairly reasonable, and it took about 2 weeks to recieve our products. The products are well packed within a box and is surrounded by pink tissue paper to keep it safe! Me and Jennydoll combined our orders so that's why there is other products in the box! (I love the limited edition packaging!) 


On to the good bit! I ordered pressed eyeshadow in Tako, and pressed eyeshadow in Poison Plum, as well as the loose eyeshadow in Paperdoll. 


One of the best things about Sugarpill is the branding and packaging - you really feel like you are getting something special. I'm a hoarder and so I always keep the Sugarpill boxes, featuring artwork by the lovely Miss Kika. It's this attention to detail that really helps push the quality of Sugarpill products. I really love the fact even the inside of the box is decorated with little hearts and crosses. 

The boxes seem to be pretty durable, and are easy to open and close without causing damage to the box. Sometimes products will be stuck down with tape to keep them shut, but doing that can cause the box to be damaged when opening. 

The theme is continued on the actual product casing, with branding printed on the lids of the eyeshadows. The product casing is really solid - I've dropped them before and they've survived the fall! 


Tako is a bright white pressed eyeshadow - as pure white as it's possible to get. It's a matte colour with no sparkles, which means it's great for blending with pretty much any other colour. I usually use it on the inside of my eye to make the eyes appear larger. Cheap white eyeshadows tend to fail massively because they are too translucent and blend too much with my pale skin tone, but this is a really bright white that stands out, as you can see from the skin shot. It's the staple of my Sugapill range now and I use it every time with the other colours to blend.

Poison Plum is another pressed powder - again, it is matte but it does have a slightly pearlescent sheen to it, although that's not visible unless you are very close. I absolutely adore this colour - it's extremely bright and is pretty much exactly as pictured. This looks really great with any of their blue or white eyeshadows - a lot of the looks I've seen with Poison Plum are with a shade of light blue.

Finally we have the loose powder, Paperdoll! This is a really sparkly eyeshadow, and it has some very fine glitter in it. The glitter looks to be pinky-purple and blends really nicely into the shadow. I think this would work really well with Tako, and I also got it to compliment Poison Plum. I sometimes use this as an overlay, in which I do the base eyeshadow, blend them, and then use this over the top to change the colour or tone. I have another loose eyeshadow that's more whiteish that I use over Dollipop, so this works in the same way. The colour is definitely less subtle and not as eyepopping as the pressed eyeshadows, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing as it's good to have that variety available.


Sugarpill seems to be reasonably good for durability - the pressed eyeshadows can even be difficult to get off! I've worn them for a working day multiple times and by the end of the day the colour still pops, even if I don't use Primer. There is a little transference sometimes when the eye creases, but it's only minor. The loose eyeshadows are a little less durable, as expected. They usually require a primer to really get them to 'stick.' They are still fairly good though and they are still present and correct at the end of the day.


I have a very basic everyday look using the three products above, Tako, Poison Plum and Paperdoll. They all blend really nicely! Using only the eyeshadows in the review, they go together nicely.

Price/Value For Money

I really think Sugarpill is value for money - everything about the brand screams quality to me. The make-up lasts a long time and a little goes a long way because of the strength of the colour involved. It can be on the expensive side if you use it everyday, but I think for the look it's good value for money.


We had some extra luck this time - Amy, aka Shrinkle, packed our order and signed our invoice! Her style is just too fabulous for words so we are very lucky! Not only that, Sugarpill also sent us one of their glitter logo stickers, and a free sample of Royal Sugar (I have a feeling this will look really nice with Poison Plum.) Finally, and beautifully, Sugarpill is against animal cruelty and has a range of Vegan products, and all products are cruelty free.


Overall, I think Sugarpill is a great make-up brand and a must for anyone who loves alternative fashion. The pressed powders last forever and their colours are ridiculously bright. The loose powders could be a little more durable but they are still immensely cute.

Sugarpill gets a stunning 4.5 out of 5!

Thanks for reading - if you like what you see, then head on over to and let us know what you think!

Misadoll xxx

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