Friday, 27 December 2013

[Life] Christmas Fashion Haul

Hey Christmassy Pasteldollies!~ Misadoll here!

How are you doing? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Today is a lifestyle post about all the things I bought with my Christmas cash! I've bought so much stuff lately. Gah. 

As you may all know, the end of year and beginning of January is the start of Lucky Pack (福袋) season - and this is particularly great for the Japanese fashion lovers! Most fashion stores have finished pre-orders for Lucky Packs now, but I managed to get my hands on one of the Angelic Pretty lucky packs! 

This is the Candy Sprinkle JSK set in black - it includes the head bow, the blouse, the JSK, the bag and the socks all for $200! This is a very good deal for Angelic Pretty items, and most of the lucky packs sold out within a few minutes.

The way lucky packs work varies depending on the store, and it can be a little confusing especially if the site is all in Japanese. 

If the site you are after is in English and ships internationally like Angelic Pretty, then all you need to do is order it as you would any other item on their website. Prior to the release of the lucky pack, they released images of it and the contents of each pack on their Facebook, and the time the order can be placed. Make sure you are up to date with the social networks of the store you want to buy from and they will be able to give you good information. 

If the site is in Japanese, you may need to use a Japanese shopping service to acquire a lucky pack for you. A shopping service buys the product you want, gets it shipped to them, then they ship it to you. 

Not all lucky packs have their contents revealed beforehand - that's part of the mystery! Sometimes you won't even know what you are getting, but most of the time it will be a good deal. 

If you have any questions about the AP lucky pack feel free to ask - when I receive it I'll post a review. 

Next up, I bought a gorgeous pair of trainers from Refusal To Be Usual. RTBU are usually quite overpriced and you can usually get the items on Taobao for much cheaper, but generally for shoes the mark-up isn't too bad. I found the same shoes on Taobao and while they were slightly cheaper, they would have probably ended up about the same (if a little less from Taobao) if you want to go that route with a taobao agent.

They have a couple of other designs but I really loved the little wings on these! They'd be great for Fairy Kei co-ords and Pastel Goth stuff, which is why I bought them. You can find these on RTBU here.

Next up - a really cute fluffly bracelet! I've wanted one of these pompom type bracelets for ages and I saw it on ebay while browsing - it was only £1 so I was like 'well, why not?!' If you are looking for this type of thing you can find it here.

Another thing I acquired was a t-shirt that I wanted from Newbreed Girl - they have a ton of really cute designs. They are a little on the expensive side to be honest, but because this design was so adorable I couldn't really not have it. 

Like it? You can buy it here.

I'm sure you can see a creepy-cute trend appearing here! You'd be definitely correct, I just can't get enough of it at the moment. And what better way to signify creepy-cute than with Kreepsville666 eyeball bows! The very same! They come in pairs and are pretty much standard for a pastel gothic look. Find them here!

They have a ton of other colours and designs and just bucket loads of cute stuff. 

Finally, I bought some more tights of varying designs. These are just cheap tights that you can find all over ebay. Some of them can be hit and miss at times and look a bit tacky, for the price it's sometimes worth giving them a shot.

So, that's it! Wow. I spent a lot haha. Gotta treat yourself now and then though right?

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday, let us see what you got for christmas!

Misadoll xx

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